Sunday, March 18, 2012

Choudeswari Temple Tiptur

Who would not like their wishes and longings to come true.  If one were to seek blessings of the goddess and seek answers to their prayers, Chodeswari temple is the place to visit from Bangalore.  It is located 160 kms from Bangalore and 10 kms away from Tiptur which on SH6 enroute to Shimoga.  We had seen a recent TV program on TV9 which sang praise of this temple and its power to make individuals wish come true.  So this Sunday ( 18/3/2012 ) we decided to take the trip to check out the powress of the goddess.

 The distance travelled towards this destination was almost very comfortable because the combination of national and state highway was in good condition.  The rustic atmosphere approaching the temple at Dasarighatta was pleasant surprise.  This temple complex is maintained by Adichunchungiri Mutt.  One can seek the blessings of the Goddess Chowdeswari in the main temple complex.  The idol in the sanctum looks powerful, with bold eyes.  The fierce expression on the goddess face is however soothened  by the priest who are hospitable.  They request you to go to the goddess and seek divine intervention.

One has to buy a ticket for Rs 110 to seek the blessings of the Devi.  Two lemons are placed on a table which is filled with vibuthi ( ashes ) on which the goddess is supposed to answer one's wishes.  Two priest hold the goddess and it is guided by the spirit to answer the queries of the disciple.  We paid for seeking the divine intervention, but unfortunately the queue system and issue of the token seemed to be mismanaged, so we decided to enter the main complex and silently prayed for our wishes to come true.  We had to proceed a long way back lest our doggie goes hungry.

We had a good lunch at the temple premise, it was sumptuous but once again mismanaged by the bhatts, who ran out of  plantain leaves.  We were surprised many advised us to serve ourselves, and there was commotion among themselves and the incharge left the place in a huff.  The rest of the devotees were served on plastic banana leaf.

Accomodation for pilgrims to stay put is being developed, and one can seek the same.  I am sure the devotees may eventually ending up donation for the temple if one decides to stay put in the free accommodation provided.  Marriage ceremonies to seems to be conducted to bolster the revenue generation in this temple.

I hope more organised system of  dharshan is ensured online in future.  The system of  having food too needs to be organised so that devotees don t feel let down.  Whatever lacuna in the organisation the feeling of the visit aftermath definitely leaves behind a miraculous effect.  One feels as if one's burden and worries is off the chest.

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