Thursday, September 30, 2010

In line of fire.........civil defence

JUst imagine staring at AK47 Barrel, @ VT station......on a wet dawn.....the commando manning the sand bag laden cubicle at Victoria terminus, waved with a hand signal move. I moved and found my cousin in line of fire........i asked him to move.I heard that cat has 900 lives, before it perishes, but am i lucky enough....yes so far so good. Life is ridden with peril, and that instant i decided to join civil defence.

Later we ( Cousin ) went to relax our mind elsewhere, preferably AC room to escape from extreme humidity. We entered a restricted room....where entry is prohibited without permission. . I was shocked to find the 40 video monitors of VT station from all angles......streaming live on the facade.The women commandos guarding them were stooping and taking a deep breath.....i wanted to photograph them for my own safety, but refrained myself and was prepared to face the consequence.. Suddenly they realised an intruder has entered their domain. We were thrown out by the arrogant security women. But we gave them a lesson of their lifetime.So friends when you do a good job pl remember there are no medals waiting for you and me at the independence day parade or republic day. but you have still perform, with an attitude of blank cheque when it comes to protecting people, place and property.Shankar guru turned out be a hero from Blore. He performed his duty wearing the CIVIL DEFENCE jacket. He prevented disaster, was proactive and seen all round the KSCA Stadium where the in augral ceremony was underway. Back stage he ensured that the sponsorers flag and banner did not fall on the VIP. He invited Kirmani for Viveknagar division launch. CD assignment is a reflex and pro active venture. He picked up a circular to the police constables to be alert about sabotage at KPL and handed over the CI. She was grateful for the gesture, she called up the concerned to alert him.
Rescue act does not require any sanction or paper work. He has demonstrated it is beyond doubt, that at his age he can perform his duties, like a college student. Come join the party and experience the adventure beyond compare.........join Civil defence for it is worth a billion. We can perform the duty to protect people and property.
Civil Defence was incorporated in 1968 by an act of Parliament, still 42 years later CD is unknown to 99.9 of the Indians. The brand and the organisation was dormant. Now the mandate from the Home ministry is to accelerate and develop a model for All India. Join civil defence @ Bangalore. Contact 9844308466 and walk the talk

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